With a deep understanding of the technological and commercial environment, we provide expert guidance on app/website terms and conditions to ensure your digital footprint remains compliant with existing regulations and aligns with your strategic objectives. Our legal experts also specialise in drafting tailored e-commerce terms and conditions, an essential aspect of online business that safeguards your interests, prevents disputes and builds customer trust.

We understand the importance of clear and enforceable terms of service, as these form the bedrock of your customer relationships. Whether it’s establishing the terms of use for a platform, service, or product, our team works diligently to balance business needs with legal considerations. Furthermore, we navigate complex agency and distribution agreements crucial to your supply chain, optimising for fairness, efficiency, and durability.

With years of experience handling sponsorship agreements, we bring a keen sense of market realities and legal frameworks, maximising opportunities while mitigating risks. We assist in drafting comprehensive contractor services agreements that ensure mutual understanding, protect your rights, and clarify obligations. Moreover, our extensive expertise in confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements will help safeguard your valuable business secrets, keeping your competitive edge intact.

Our commercial law advice services, in the most general sense, entail the following:

• App/website terms and conditions.

• E-commerce terms and conditions.

• Terms of service.

• Agency and distribution agreements.

• Sponsorship agreement.

• Contractor services agreements.

• Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.