Our skilled litigation team are able to advise clients on the most appropriate course of action, using the most congruent methods, to resolve their dispute matters. We aim to ease the tension that accompanies the disputes of our clients, by handling issues with care and the aim to resolve the matter in our client’s best interest.

Our team of legal professionals advise on: 

• Banking & Finance services dispute

• Breach of contract

• Civil litigation

• Company disputes

• Commercial disputes

• Insolvency litigation

Professional negligence

Partnership dispute resolution

Shareholder disputes

Wills & Trusts


Common methods we use to assist with dispute resolution:

1. Meditation: This method is most suitable when a dispute is in its earliest stages, which allows a third party to help resolve the issue and coming to some form of mutual agreement.
2. Arbitration: Arbitration involves a judge, acting as the third party, who aims to solve the dispute between the two parties. The arbitrator allows both parties to discuss their conflicts and then according to the evidence and both version of events submitted from both parties, a decision is made.
3. Litigation: A method that resolves the dispute with the use of a judge as the mediator. Litigation (as well as arbitration), means that both parties are bound by the resolution that is decided the arbitrator. 


We understand how sensitive family law issues can be, therefore our legal advisors adopt a sympathetic yet professional approach and aim to reduce any stress, despair and trauma that many experience when going through any family issues. 

Our approachable team are competent in resolving a range of diverse issues with ease, combined with excellent attention to detail to ensure clients experience a smooth process when dealing with any family matter: 

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Arrangements: This involves a contract agreement which explains the consequence of financial and living arrangements if the marriage doesn’t work as planned. 

•  Child Arrangements will usually be settled with a formal agreement. Court could be considered as an alternative if both parties cannot come to a resolution amicably or if there has been some form of abuse or violence. 

Domestic Violence: We can assure you that domestic abuse matters are handled professionally, efficiently and with discretion, to give you the protection, help and assistance required. Your claim will be handled in confidence to help address any safety concerns, and we will be able to discuss a range of appropriate resolution options. 

Child Abuse: including neglect, sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

Financial Settlements: We aim to ensure that you receive the best possible rate for your financial settlement and we will try to resolve disputes in the most convenient and time efficient manner. 

Trust & Wills, Tax & Probate: Our experts can give bespoke advice in regards to your estate and planning options. We give impartial advice relating to estate planning (securing your assets after your death), deciding inheritance tax planning, and allocating a power of attorney. 

Judicial Review

Judicial review considers the way that a decision has been made by a public body. Regardless of the decision, it aims to address and evaluate if the decision was made by following the appropriate procedures. We provide bespoke judicial review advice for individuals and businesses on a range of legal matters. 

Our legal professionals are experts on: 

Laws that public bodies should adhere to.

Investigating unlawful decisions and omissions.

Rules and regulations that public bodies must adhere to.

Challenging decisions made by public bodies.

Challenging the decisions made in criminal inspections.


Tax is an important and crucial component in financial activities for businesses and individuals and can be an extremely intricate task. Our tax lawyers are skilled communicators and are able to explain complex tax law in simplified, straight forward terms to our clients as well as combining legal expertise with accounting. 

We provide specialist advice on: 

Income tax.

Corporate tax.

Corporate mergers and acquisitions.


Capital gains.


Real estate advice and taxes.

Tax planning advice.

Advice regarding tax risk.

Off shore trusts advice.


Our team are able to assist companies of all size, ranging from start-ups to more established companies. We advise companies on their corporate structure and advise shareholders on dispute matters and assist with commercial negotiations in a quick and cost-effective manner. 

Our team are experts in common corporate law areas including: 

Mergers and Acquisitions – Our legal experts are commercially aware and are experts in international law. We assist with re-organisations, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and private equity to allow for a smooth transition. 

Banking & Finance – We provide bespoke advice suitable for borrowers, lenders and those who need funding. We comply with company commercial objectives. 

Restructuring – We provide bespoke advice in regards to insolvency and restructuring for companies and lenders, including company liquidation, insolvency, restructuring, receivership and commercial recoveries. 

Equity & Fundraising – Equity and fundraising can be a complex subject, thus experts can provide specialist advice. Equity finance requires obtaining finance from investors in return for ownership of the company. 

Limited Liability Partnerships – There may be issues with LLPs such as litigation if LLPSs have not initially been set up properly or according to appropriate standards. 

Residence and Domicile

It is important to be aware of your rights as a tax resident, particularly in certain countries, as this will determine how much tax must be paid, which are legal tax experts can advise on. 

We have an in depth understanding of tax residency rules and regulations, and aim to ensure that your estate is effective for the purposes of inheritance tax. We are professionals in: 

Informing clients if they qualify as a UK tax resident.

Factors that can have an impact on tax residence.

Advising companies regarding UK tax residence.

Factors that could have an effect on your tax residence.


App/website terms and conditions.

E-commerce terms and conditions.

Terms of service.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) agreements.

Agency and distribution agreements.

Sponsorship agreement.

Contractor services agreements.

Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

IP & Trade Marks

Our expert team have an excellent reputation in assisting individuals and businesses to protect and preserve their intellectual property rights. We have a high success rate for resolving simple and complex trade mark issues, and protection for trade marks. 

The team are experienced and familiar with: 

Anti-Counterfeiting – Prohibits competitors from copying brand ideas and product impersonation.

Domain Name Disputes – These attempt to preserve and protect domain name disputes.

Design Rights – Aims to prohibit competitors from copying your designs and design ideas. Design rights protect the design for 10 years.

Copyright Issues – We advise on ownership and copyright issues and infringement.

 Trade marks and Brands – Our team are experts in litigation disputes, brand arrangements and advise on protection for brands. We are able to advise you on applying for a trade mark application, registrability, clearance searches, infringement and more.

Patent Litigation – We deal with infringement, exhaustion of rights, as well as licensing disputes

Privacy Law & GDPR

Dadson Legal Consult have a specialist privacy and data protection department who have thorough experience helping varied businesses and non-profit organisations comply with data protection laws. 

We offer effective services and solutions including but not limited to the following: 

• Registering your organisation with the Information Commissioner’s office (ICO). We determine whether your business needs to appoint a data protection officer (DPO) and advise on the procedures to register the DPO with the ICO. 

• Drafting and reviewing privacy policies (including website, recruitment and employee privacy policies). 

• Drafting and reviewing cookie policies; including advising on website cookie banners.

• Drafting and reviewing date retention policies.

• Supplier relationship management; including drafting and reviewing data processing and data sharing agreements. 

• Dealing with data breaches.

Start-ups & Emerging Companies

At Dadson Legal Consult, we are dedicated to start-up companies and are here to support them along their growing journey. Our legal advisors are able to assist start-ups by: 

Establishing company structures.

Assistance with Non-Disclosure Agreements

Advise on Trade mark and Patent laws to protect their IP rights.

Assist with due diligence.

• Help with renting and purchasing property.

• Advise on mergers and acquisitions for a smooth process.

• Dispute resolution matters which newly established or emerging companies may face.

Media, Entertainment & Technology

Our legal advisors cater to businesses within the media, entertainment and technology sectors. The law governed in these sectors are fast-paced which our lawyers take into consideration when advising, to ensure solid support for the protection and growth of your business. We assist with: 

The legal protection of software and mobile applications.

Formation of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) agreements and Licensing agreements.

Advise on IP protection laws for trademarks, music, books and more.


Our team are specialists in property transactions and are able to accommodate to a range of legal aspects that are involved and support the process related to your property matter. These include but are not limited, to the following: 

• Purchase and Sale of residential properties (freehold and leasehold)

• Purchase and Sale of commercial properties

• Grant of Lease

• Lease extensions

• Freehold enfranchisement

• Re-mortgages

• Transfer of part

• Auction purchase/sale