Our skilled litigation team can advise clients on the most appropriate course of action to resolve their dispute matters using the most congruent methods. We aim to ease the tension accompanying our clients’ disputes by handling issues with care and resolving the case in our client’s best interest.

Our team of legal professionals advise on the following:

• Banking & Finance services dispute

• Breach of contract

• Civil litigation

• Company disputes

• Commercial disputes

• Insolvency litigation

Professional negligence

Partnership dispute resolution

Shareholder disputes

Wills & Trusts


Common methods we use to assist with dispute resolution:

1. Mediation: This method is most suitable when a dispute is in its earliest stages, which allows a third party to help resolve the issue and come to some form of mutual agreement.

2. Arbitration: Arbitration involves a judge acting as the third party, which aims to solve the dispute between the two parties. The arbitrator allows both parties to discuss their conflicts, and then a decision is made according to the evidence and both versions of events submitted by both parties.

3. Litigation: A method that resolves the dispute with the use of a judge as the mediator. Litigation (as well as arbitration) means that both parties are bound by the resolution that the arbitrator decides.